Attractive Shingle Roofing | Visalia, California

When Armineh and George Boghozian purchased a new home, they wanted to install solar panels, but the roof was 20 years old. They knew it wasn’t a good idea to put new solar panels on an old roof. So they after some research, they turned to Visalia Roofing.

Our own Steve Williamson helped them select the popular Duration Shingles by Owens Corning. These attractive shingles are specially developed on a TruDefinition color platform which gives them dramatic color contrast and depth in a wide range of colors. The Boghozians selected Mojave.

Beyond the impressive look, Duration Shingles come with advanced technology in the nailing zone which makes for superior holding power.

Visalia Roofing Sign in Front of Home

We moved to a new house and wanted to install solar, but the roof was almost 20 years old, so we knew we needed a new roof. We asked around and my neighbor said that Visalia Roofing was a very proper company and experienced. They were licensed and their reviews were very good.

They did a great job. They were on time and always finished whatever I asked. I’m really, really, really happy with the company and with Steve, the owner. I asked if I could get a 50-year guarantee and he said, “No problem.” That told me that he knows what he’s doing. If anyone asks me, I would say “go with them, 100%!”

-Armineh Boghozian, Visalia, California