Cool Composite Shingle Roofing | Tulare, California

Composite Shingle Roofing for Home in Tulare, CA

Filomena Lourenco’s home needed a new roof. In Tulare, California, summers are super hot. And her roof was thirty years old, so it was in bad shape and had caused a lot of water damage.

Visalia Roofing helped her select the Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Cool Shingles, which will serve her well with our valley summers.

Filomena was so happy with our services that she left a five-star review on Google: “They did a great job on my roof. Very pleased with them. My roof looks beautiful. Thanks, Visalia Roofing!”

Filomena Lourenco
Tulare, California

Cool Roofing = Energy Savings

Because these composite shingles are specifically engineered to reflect the sun’s rays and to absorb less heat than traditional roofing materials, Filomena will save on her energy bills. She will also be more comfortable in her home. Cool roofs are estimated to save 10% to 15% on energy bills.

Composite Shingle Roofing Durability

These composite shingles are also designed to be more durable by better withstanding both hot summer sun and cold winter weather. Adding to their durability is the reinforced nail line with additional adhesive that gives shingles 130 mph wind resistance. The new synthetic underlayment we use is a huge improvement over the older felt underlayments, which can tear.

Attic Insulation

We installed Owens Corning Fiberglas Insulation in the attic to an R-38 level. This helps prevent heat transfer between the attic and indoor spaces, improving energy efficiency.

Other Roofing Project Tasks

Visalia Roofing installed a high-profile ridge, which will improve ventilation. Good ventilation reduces moisture buildup, which in turn prevents mold and mildew growth. Filomena, her family, and friends will enjoy a healthier environment. A new valley and roof jacks were also installed.

Last but not least, we removed and replaced water-damaged fascia for over half of the home, a finishing touch to add beauty to her new roof.