Cool Composite Shingle Roofing | Hanford, California

Home with New Composite Roofing, Hanford, CA

Hank and Shirley Veenendaal’s spacious, country home was in need of new roofing. In Hanford, California, it gets super hot in the summers, so they were all in for getting a roof with “cool roof” technology. 

Visalia Roofing helped them select Oakridge® Shingles from the Cool Roof Collection by Owens Corning.

These three-dimensional shingles are attractive and the light color means they efficiently reflect the rays of the sun. Not only does the color make them energy efficient, but also the composite design, which incorporates solar reflecting particles.

Shirley and Hank will enjoy a cooler home during Hanford’s hot summers and they will save energy as well.

Cool roofs are estimated to save 10% to 15% on energy bills.

“We found Visalia Roofing on the Internet. The reviews were good and we liked that the company had been around for a long time. The price was right and they were available to work right away. The crew was great and they cleaned up real well. All in all they did a good job. We are well satisfied.”

Hank and Shirley Veenendaal
Hanford, California